Why Businesses Need SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the second most important plan for corporate website keyword rankings in large search engines such as Google and Yahoo. After SEO planning, corporate websites can be ranked among the top 300 relative to millions of specific keyword rankings.

Advantageous ranking, and the best ranking in the top 30 can be obtained from hundreds of thousands of keywords, and it can also be ranked first on the first page according to the different keywords.

Therefore, when the company is moving towards an E-oriented enterprise At the same time, the website must pay more attention to the importance of corporate website marketing, and truly take advantage of the unlimited business opportunities brought by corporate website construction. SEO website planning is definitely the best choice for website marketing.

Why do corporate websites need to do SEO website planning?
Ans. Setting up a website is like opening a physical store. It requires promotion and marketing to increase visibility and visitor traffic. A website that is not popular also loses the meaning of setting up a website.

There are many types of marketing methods, such as portal advertising, Search engine keyword rankings, newspapers, TV or other media promotion, which is the most effective search engine ranking is the main source of increased website traffic, and the biggest difference in marketing methods lies in the cost and publicity time efficiency, the longer the publicity time is Expenses will be high, often the cost is really unattainable, and the marketing expenses of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars are prohibitive for business owners.

SEO website planning can help business owners solve the above-mentioned problems. Low cost but long-term advertising exposure benefits are the advantages of SEO and a necessary choice for corporate website marketing!!

What is the difference between a general website and an SEO website?
Ans. Traditional corporate websites only focus on beauty and functionality, but in addition to both aesthetics and functionality, SEO sites also add website keyword planning and website fluency optimization services. Keyword planning can make corporate websites Get the best ranking on Google and Yahoo.

For example, the GinoMatch dating site (http://www.ginomatch.com) has been optimized for SEO and entered the keywords of “quality dating” on Google and Yahoo engines. Ranked on the first page among 100,000 records, this ranking gives customers who really want to find dating services the priority to choose the GinoMatch dating site, which also increases the profitability and website traffic and popularity of the GinoMatch dating site!

SEO website planning features?
(1). The fluency of the website is improved, which increases the chance of customers coming back.
(2). Effectively improve the ranking of the website in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
(3). Effectively increase website browsing traffic.
(4). Effectively improve website exposure and visibility.
(5). Actually increase the profit of website operations.