Hosting Matters

IDC’s full name is Internet Data Center, which is a standard telecom-level computer room that provides space for customer servers or related equipment or hard disk space for website and mail data storage, and data transmission environment; at the same time Provide quite complete, hardware maintenance facilities, software development, network management security and other value-added services.

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Using Co-Location can save fixed-line dedicated circuit costs, dedicated computer room construction costs, and information network maintenance costs.


The initial installation and construction time is relatively short, and the goal of Time to Market can be quickly achieved. It is usually connected to the Internet backbone through the IDC Ethernet network, which reduces the number of data transmissions between routers. The network transmission delay is small and the performance is higher.


IDC’s Ethernet network is usually connected to the Internet backbone. The probability of Ethernet network failure is lower than that of fixed-line dedicated lines. If the Ethernet network provided by IDC has redundancy (Redundancy), the network reliability will be higher.

Because it is connected to the Internet backbone through IDC’s Ethernet network, the network bandwidth can reach more than 100Mbps. Frequency? Expansion flexibility and high timeliness.

Through IDC’s professional network management mechanism, the best network availability (availability) can be ensured.