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IDC’s full name is Internet Data Center, which is a standard telecom-level computer room that provides space for customer servers or related equipment or hard disk space for website and mail data storage, and data transmission environment; at the same time Provide quite complete, hardware maintenance facilities, software development, network management security and other value-added services.

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Using Co-Location can save fixed-line dedicated circuit costs, dedicated computer room construction costs, and information network maintenance costs.


The initial installation and construction time is relatively short, and the goal of Time to Market can be quickly achieved. It is usually connected to the Internet backbone through the IDC Ethernet network, which reduces the number of data transmissions between routers. The network transmission delay is small and the performance is higher.


IDC’s Ethernet network is usually connected to the Internet backbone. The probability of Ethernet network failure is lower than that of fixed-line dedicated lines. If the Ethernet network provided by IDC has redundancy (Redundancy), the network reliability will be higher.

Because it is connected to the Internet backbone through IDC’s Ethernet network, the network bandwidth can reach more than 100Mbps. Frequency? Expansion flexibility and high timeliness.

Through IDC’s professional network management mechanism, the best network availability (availability) can be ensured.

Website Marketing VS Online Marketing

  1. Website marketing and online marketing look similar in terms of meaning, but the actual implementation level is quite different. Website marketing is mainly based on the website as the main body through various exposure operations to achieve the effect of website promotion. Internet marketing is mainly based on marketing operations. The website is not necessarily the main axis of marketing. It may be a product or a corporate image. Therefore, the focus of exposure may not necessarily be on the website exposure, so there is a big gap in the effectiveness of website marketing.

    Therefore, if you want to promote the corporate website as the main body, you should choose the correct marketing method, that is, website marketing, in order to achieve the ideal exposure benefit.Second, the importance of website marketing.
  2. The basic element of the E-ization of a company is to set up a corporate image website. The traditional corporate marketing methods are nothing more than advertising, trade export magazines, and domestic and foreign exhibitions. However, with the E-ization of enterprises, website marketing has gradually replaced traditional marketing.

    The establishment of a website by an enterprise is the same concept as the establishment of a physical store. The physical store needs to be advertised, published posters, opening promotions and other marketing methods to achieve the effect of increasing popularity and visibility. The same is true for corporate websites. Any effective website marketing means that no one will know your website. Therefore, choosing an effective website marketing method is the most important evaluation after the enterprise e-commerce.
  1. The possible negative benefits of website marketing
    Website marketing is very important, but it may also cause business owners to “spend a lot of money and get bored but not get the expected effect of website marketing.” Currently, most of the website marketing methods provided by Internet companies belong to a single product marketing model, such as: search engine key Word ranking, business portal inquiry letter (inquiry), website login etc. The above-mentioned marketing methods are all effective marketing methods, and online marketing should focus on the execution results, but the general online marketers only focus on the execution process. In other words, the company spent money to buy the inquiry letter, but is the letter a buyer that the company needs, is the letter useful?! The company spends money to rank it, can it really increase website traffic and business opportunities for the company after the ranking?! These Problems are what business owners should pay attention to. These problems can give you the results you really need!!
  2. The revenue of website marketing
    (1). Significantly increase the visibility of the website.
    (2). Effectively create website visit traffic.
    (3). Really gain business opportunities and profits brought by website marketing.
  1. Features of iBotong’s integrated marketing plan
    The biggest difference between the integrated marketing plan and the marketing plan proposed by general online marketing companies is that Aibotong Technology provides the business owner with a holistic marketing consultant, rather than a single marketing product. The business owner spends money on marketing, and the focus is on marketing. The result is not the process. Aibotong Technology is the result that satisfies the business owner. If your company is interested in this program, you can contact the company, and the company will provide your company with an exclusive marketing project.

Why Businesses Need SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the second most important plan for corporate website keyword rankings in large search engines such as Google and Yahoo. After SEO planning, corporate websites can be ranked among the top 300 relative to millions of specific keyword rankings.

Advantageous ranking, and the best ranking in the top 30 can be obtained from hundreds of thousands of keywords, and it can also be ranked first on the first page according to the different keywords.

Therefore, when the company is moving towards an E-oriented enterprise At the same time, the website must pay more attention to the importance of corporate website marketing, and truly take advantage of the unlimited business opportunities brought by corporate website construction. SEO website planning is definitely the best choice for website marketing.

Why do corporate websites need to do SEO website planning?
Ans. Setting up a website is like opening a physical store. It requires promotion and marketing to increase visibility and visitor traffic. A website that is not popular also loses the meaning of setting up a website.

There are many types of marketing methods, such as portal advertising, Search engine keyword rankings, newspapers, TV or other media promotion, which is the most effective search engine ranking is the main source of increased website traffic, and the biggest difference in marketing methods lies in the cost and publicity time efficiency, the longer the publicity time is Expenses will be high, often the cost is really unattainable, and the marketing expenses of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars are prohibitive for business owners.

SEO website planning can help business owners solve the above-mentioned problems. Low cost but long-term advertising exposure benefits are the advantages of SEO and a necessary choice for corporate website marketing!!

What is the difference between a general website and an SEO website?
Ans. Traditional corporate websites only focus on beauty and functionality, but in addition to both aesthetics and functionality, SEO sites also add website keyword planning and website fluency optimization services. Keyword planning can make corporate websites Get the best ranking on Google and Yahoo.

For example, the GinoMatch dating site ( has been optimized for SEO and entered the keywords of “quality dating” on Google and Yahoo engines. Ranked on the first page among 100,000 records, this ranking gives customers who really want to find dating services the priority to choose the GinoMatch dating site, which also increases the profitability and website traffic and popularity of the GinoMatch dating site!

SEO website planning features?
(1). The fluency of the website is improved, which increases the chance of customers coming back.
(2). Effectively improve the ranking of the website in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
(3). Effectively increase website browsing traffic.
(4). Effectively improve website exposure and visibility.
(5). Actually increase the profit of website operations.

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